On 3000 acres of beautiful Oklahoma countryside, Oklahoma Trophy Ranch offers some of the best deer hunting in the state. Each hunt package comes with a weekend stay at one of our lodges and a complete weekend of hunting, and we’re confident you’ll come to love our hunting ranch as much as we do.

We’ve carefully cultivated our deer population to offer trophy buck, traditional management, and doe hunts throughout the season. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a few spots with feeders and equipped them with blinds and deer stands. If you’re a bow hunter and prefer to track, our lands include plenty of woods to do so in.

If you’re looking to make this season memorable, contact us today to schedule a hunt. Whether you’re coming alone, with a few buddies for a group hunting trip, or you’re scheduling a family hunting vacation, you’ll fall in love with Oklahoma Trophy Ranch.

Trophy Whitetail Hunt In Oklahoma

Mature bucks are incredibly rare to find in the wild. It takes patience and every weekend of the season free to hunt. While we do offer young buck and doe hunts, the majority of our hunters come to us looking to bag a trophy buck. We don’t blame them. We have some amazing bucks here.

We’ve cultivated our herds so that we’re able to offer trophy buck hunting through deer season. We track our population—especially our trophy bucks—throughout the year. We come to know their habits and where hunters can find them during the day.

If you’re looking to bag a big one this hunting season, our trophy hunts are for you. Contact us today to schedule your hunt.

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Herd Management Hunts

If you’re more interested in the meat and enjoying the outdoors, our management hunts are for you. Whether for a weekend getaway or corporate event, Oklahoma Trophy Ranch can provide an excellent hunting retreat or just a place to relax and enjoy friends and family.

Young Buck Hunts

If you’re interested in going home with a rack but aren’t looking for a trophy, our young buck hunts are an affordable alternative. Young bucks offer a great opportunity for new hunters who are just learning about hunting and everything that goes along with it.

Doe Hunts

Doe hunts are one of our most popular offerings. Does always need thinning, and if you’re interested in deer meat more than trophies, they’re a great, affordable alternative to buck hunts. Smaller than a buck, a doe will fill your freezer up all the same.