3000 Acres Of Beauty

We originally bought the land we use for Oklahoma Trophy Hunt to help preserve the American Barian Beetle, of all things. This particular patch of land is perfect for them, and at the time they were endangered. After spending some time on the land, we wound up falling in love with it.

It’s easy to do.

Its 3000 acres include rolling hills, dense woods, and pristine Oklahoma grassland located near Allen, OK. There are four ponds on the property, teeming with bass and dotted by mallards and other waterfowl during the season. On a clear night, the sky is full of stars as far as the eye can see.

It’s hard not to fall in love with that kind of beauty.

The Ranch

We have 3000 acres of unsullied land near Allen, Oklahoma enclosed by a high fence. Around two-thirds of our land is wooded, with a mixture of the oak and hickory forests common to central Oklahoma, but also interspersed with the pine forests common in the southeast. One-third of the land is pristine Oklahoma prairie and grassland.

We have a good mixture of gentle hills and flat terrain, both with a mixture of forest and grassland. It really is the perfect place for a hog, turkey, or deer hunt, and can accommodate almost any kind of hunter there is.

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The Hunting

Our grounds feature both developed and undeveloped hunting sights. Our grounds people regularly sight deer around the property and track their movements. The sites we’ve developed all have game cameras so that we’re able to track our trophy bucks and the rest of the herd.

We’ve cultivated our deer population carefully. We have trophy bucks available to hunt, and we also offer population control hunts and doe hunts if you prefer. During the spring season, we book wild turkey hunts.

If hog hunting is more your thing, don’t worry. We have those too. Hogs are never in short supply at Oklahoma Trophy Ranch, and you’re able to hunt them with a bow or gun. We also have developed night hunting sites available for hunting hogs.

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If you’re looking for some of the best hunting in Oklahoma, you’ll find it at Oklahoma Trophy Ranch. During the offseason, we also rent out our lodges to groups and families. If you’re an outdoorsman looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, we’re certain Oklahoma Trophy Ranch has something you’ll love.